Executive Board Members

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The Governing Bodies of AFRACA are the following:

a) The General Assembly which is made up of all members meets once every two years to review progress and make future decisions.

b) The Executive Committee is made up of the AFRACA Chairman, vice chairperson, regional chairpersons of the 5 sub regions and the Secretary General. These members apart from the Secretary General whose term is three years renewable once are elected by the General Assembly every two years. Their key role is to offer strategic and policy advice to the secretariat. They also supervise and monitor all the activities carried out by the Secretariat on behalf of the General Assembly. The Executive Committee members meet twice a year.

c) The Secretariat, under the overall direction of the Secretary General manages the day to day activities of the Association and is based in Nairobi. The Secretariat is currently composed of 8 members of staff; The Secretary General, Programme Coordinator, Relationship Officer, Administration/Finance Officer, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist/Resource Centre officer, Office Assistant and driver. The Secretariat also receives technical support from various renowned national and international consultants.

Executive Committee Board Members (November 2016 to Date)

Dr. Maxwell Opoku-Afari
Chairman, Afraca Executive Committee

First Deputy Governor
Bank of Ghana

Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement (BOAD)

West African Development Bank (BOAD)
Lomé, Togo

Dr. Jesimen Tarisai Chipika
Southern Africa Sub Regional (SACRAT) Chairperson

Deputy Governor
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
Harare, Zimbabwe

Jules Bondombe
Central Africa Sub Regional (CACRAT) Chairperson

Deputy Governor
Central Bank of Congo (DRC)
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Mr. Wakil Adjibi
West Africa Sub Regional Francophone (WACRAT I) Chairperson

Chief Executive Officer
Vital Finance, Benin

George Olabode Abikoye
West Africa Sub Regional Anglophone (WACRAT II) Chairperson

Head, Agribusiness,
Union Bank Nigeria Plc
Lagos, Nigeria

Mr. Joshua Kimoro
East Africa Sub Regional (EACRAT) Chairperson

Ag. Director
Kenya School of Monetary Studies
Nairobi, Kenya

Saleh Usman Gashua
Secretary General

AFRACA Secretariat
Nairobi, Kenya