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Goodwill Messages from Members

Goodwill Messages from Development Partners

Goodwill Messages from Sister Networks

Goodwill Messages from Friends

African Confederation of Cooperative Savings and Credit Association (ACCOSCA)

George Ombado (ICUDE)
ACCOSCA-Chief Executive Officer

Today we celebrate AFRACA’S 40 years of tireless commitment to promoting financial inclusion and rural agriculture in Africa, it is time to reflect on your contribution both as an organization and as individuals. Africa Rural Agriculture financing could not be what it is today without the initiatives and intervention programs your organization has continuously advocated for and implemented over the 40-year period. You truly earned the much-deserved recognition; through your services the community has earned a lot.

We remain committed to working with your organization as we all share in the efforts to change the face of Africa’s rural agriculture by increasing access to rural agriculture financing.
Happy Anniversary!

Association of Microfinance Institutions Kenya (AMFI-K)

As a member of AFRACA, AMFI-K recognizes and applauds the accomplishments and significant impact that the association has had on the financial sector by promoting rural and agricultural finance in Africa. As members, AMFI-K has had opportunities to share and network with various regions within Africa with such as trainings and conferences.
It has been exhilarating to observe the growth of the organization into the dynamic entity that it is today which has such a powerful influence in the financial sector.

SISDO Microfinance

We are privileged to be part of this glorious network. It has been exhilarating to be on a journey together and to witness the growth of your organization into a powerful and inclusive organization that it is today. We extend our appreciation to all those involved in Leadership roles. Thank you for serving us so faithfully and adding value to our MFIs.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

AFRACA, with the support of its partners, is poised to continue to exert the right influence in facilitating appropriate funding of rural and agriculture activities in Africa through various interventions. AFRACA will continue in its efforts to bring together the various policy makers and stakeholders, capacity building initiatives and facilitating information and knowledge sharing, thus ensuring that the Association’s goals and objectives are achieved.

Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)

Michael Hailu, Director, CTA

CTA is delighted to join with Afraca in celebrating the Association’s 40 years of empowering rural Africa.
Afraca has been a key partner of CTA in our joint efforts to engage the financial sector in delivering greater support to the agricultural and rural development sector. We have worked together closely in bringing financial institutions such as central banks to the table and engage them in policy dialogue on the possibilities and opportunities of improving the rural and agricultural finance environment in Africa.
The seminal agricultural finance conference, Fin4Ag, that we jointly organised in 2014 was the largest conference ever on agricultural value-chain finance, attracting nearly 900 participants from 81 countries across Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, Europe, America and Asia. One of the major messages from that conference was that financiers need to gain a better understanding of agriculture; and farmers need to gain a better understanding of the financial world. Millison Nahr, chair of Afraca, said, “Governments need to create an enabling environment to encourage financial institutions to work more closely with the agricultural sector. There is an urgent need to help farmers’ organisations build their capacity and become more business-savvy”.
The Fin4Ag conference, Afraca’s annual Central Bank Forum and the Association’s support to knowledge-sharing workshops and other events are contributing to building these linkages and the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the agricultural transformation Africa needs.
We look forward to continuing our partnership with Afraca in delivering on this crucial task.

Calvin Miller: Formerly, Food and Agricultural Organization Rural Finance Expert

“I wish to sincerely congratulate AFRACA on its 40 years of valuable service to rural and agricultural finance in Africa and its contribution not only in Africa but across the globe. It has and will continue to play a leading role in facilitating and promoting continual improvement in technical understanding and innovations, promotion of improved policies, and advocating for learning and sharing across organizations and countries. AFRACA has been a trusted and important strategic partner FAO for collaborating in promoting change and development. I look forward to continued collaboration with AFRACA.”

R.A.J. Roberts, formerly Chief, Agricultural Marketing and Rural Finance Service, FAO, Rome.

“AFRACA has been a sustained success largely because over the decades it has continued to meet real needs, and to do so in a changing, dynamic environment. One key example is the drive to include central banks in the membership mix, bringing in valuable expertise, while also exposing the sentinels of financial systems to the challenges of effectively serving agricultural sectors.
I wish AFRACA all the very best for the coming decades. We all know that there is much to be done in the challenging area of rural financial inclusion.”

Near East, North Africa Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (NENARACA)

Dr. Moh’d R. Mustafa,
Secretary General, NENARACA

My relationship with AFRACA dates back to 1991and we have jointly carried out some very important activities on Rural and Agricultural Finance. Together with AFRACA, we were able to institutionalize and Sustain the World Congress on rural and agricultural Finance that happens every three years, organized by the five regional Networks spread around the globe. It’s gratifying to recall that the first and most recent (5th world congress) were hosted by Afraca in Addis Ababa in 2005 and the latter Dakar Senegal in 2016. Since then Afraca has continued to show leadership and commitment in developing an inclusive financial sector in Africa.

Joseph Otieno, International Logistics & Diplomatic Consultant

I have been associated with Afraca since 2010, working closely with the secretariat as a logistics consultant. Over the past seven years, I have witnessed tremendous growth of Afraca as a lead player in promotion of rural and agricultural finance and advocacy for learning and sharing not only in Africa but also across the globe. I reminisce some of the successful conferences and training workshops facilitated by Afraca here in Nairobi, to mention a few: The Fin4 Ag International conference in 2014, The Trainer of trainers (TOT) workshop in 2014 and the international Exposure Visit on Agency and Mobile Banking in 2015. Rural agricultural finance could not be on the same level today without your continued interventions towards achieving an inclusive financial sector in Africa.

My sincere congratulations to Afraca on your 40th Anniversary.

Annruth Kinuthia, AFRACA Intern

For the past seven months, I have worked closely with the Afraca secretariat as a finance student intern. During this short period, I have been assimilated into and become part of a culture of dedication, professionalism and reliability. Over the last quarter of 2016, I cherish my involvement in organizing of some of the successful trainings, workshops and conferences namely: Special Training on Development and Management of Agency Banking September 2016, The Warehouse Receipt Training Arusha Tanzania in October 2016, the fourth Central Banks Forum and the 5th World Congress on Rural and Agricultural Finance both held in November 2016. A lot needs to be done in ensuring financial inclusion of grass root communities in agricultural finance, but with continued advocacy and implementation of suitable intervention policies, this will certainly be achieved.
On this very special occasion of celebrating your 40th anniversary my heartfelt congratulations go to Afraca.

Celebrating Decades of Service (1977 – 2017)