Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Who is AFRACA?

Who we are?

The African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA) is a regional association of Sub-Saharan financial and non financial institutions involved in promoting rural and agricultural finance. AFRACA was established in 1977 alongside similar institutions across the globe as a lead advocate and coordinator of rural and agricultural finance in their respective regions. The AFRACA secretariat is based in Nairobi, Kenya where it was registered under the NGOs Coordination act in 1981 and received diplomatic status from the government of Kenya in 2003.

How to Join AFRACA?

To benefit fully from the wide range of services of AFRACA, the African financial institutions with rural orientation can join the African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association. Through the payment of the annual fee, the new member will be able to take part in the governance processes of the Association, share the information on up-to-date banking policies and practices generated in various AFRACA forums, and get direct benefits from training and staff exchange functions of AFRACA.

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What are the Benefits of joining AFRACA?

The benefits of AFRACA Membership includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Having access to information and know-how
  2. Learning from others
  3. Better understanding of needs and (growth) agendas
  4. Strengthening of capabilities
  5. Pooling of resources and developing synergies
  6. Enlarging personal networks
  7. Catalyst for establishing partnerships
  8. Testing new ideas and innovative solutions
  9. Dividing of work and focusing on specific strengths
  10. Benchmarking with other organizations or institutions


Is AFRCA Membership limited to only Financial Institutions?


AFRACA is a one-stop heterogeneous network of over 110 members, spread across the African Continent. Membership is open and consists but not limited to the following categories of institutions:

  • Central Banks and Central Bank similar institutions;
  • Agricultural and Development Banks;
  • Commercial Banks;
  • Microfinance Institutions;
  • Apex Organizations such as Microfinance Networks and SACCOs;
  • Universities, Training Institutions and Research Institutions;
  • Insurance organizations; or
  • Ministries and Ministerial agencies dealing in poverty reduction with focus on rural and agricultural development.


What activities do you offer?

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Who are the Members?

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Can a former Organization Individual join Afraca?


For information please contact the secretariat.

How can one get updates about AFRACA Programes?

One needs to become a member so that you will get updates on the AFRACA activities and the newsletter on what AFRACA has been doing based on its activities.

What are your funding Sources?

AFRACA gets its funds from the following sources:

  • Membership Subscription;
  • Program Participation fees;
  • Grants from development partners;