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Policy Development And Advocacy

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Partnership and Networking

AFRACA facilitates collaborations and partnerships amongst member institutions to sustainably provide financial services to rural smallholder farmers in Africa. In the last four decades, we have facilitated joint learning approaches by providing a neutral platform for our members to share their results, learn from each other’s successes and jointly reflecting on trends, challenges and opportunities in the agrifinance sector

Policy Development and Advocacy

AFRACA creates leverage for members to collectively shape discourse on the important role finance plays in the agriculture sector. With a strong evidence case, AFRACA members have a unique potential to jointly shape discourse at national, regional, and global level by contributing towards systematic change. We work with a diverse range of policymakers and we engage different stakeholders based on an ongoing situational analysis on rural and agricultural finance. We achieve this through policy research, policy dialogues and conferences conducted regionally and internationally.

Training and Capacity Building

Since inception of our training programmes, we have conducted Training of Trainers’ workshops in specialized subjects such as value chain financing, financial product development and risk management in lending. We facilitate exchange programmes among member institutions, and this has been expanded in our South-South Cooperation with sister-networks like Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA); a good opportunity for our members to widen their exposure on the best global agrifinance practices. .

Knowledge Management and Information Sharing

Our knowledge dissemination products focus on rural and agricultural finance that addresses societal needs with an aim to improve the lives of rural small holder farmers in Africa for sustainable development. We are an independent knowledge broker, and we facilitate evidence-based research to facilitate development and implementation of effective policies on rural and agricultural finance. Our publications include: quarterly newsletter, research papers, policy briefs and position papers. All these knowledge materials are available on our website under the publication column.

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Assessment of Long-term Finance Providers for Small and Medium Agribusinesses: Stocktaking, Lessons and Case Studies

The African Rural and Agricultural Association (AFRACA) represented by Mr. John Amimo, Head of Programmes was part of the Knowledge Management Team that have contributed to a new publication by World Bank on “Assessment of Long-term Finance Providers for Small and Medium Agribusinesses: Stocktaking, Lessons and Case Studies”.

Agricultural Value Chain Finance Innovations & Lessons

The African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have co-authored a paper on Agricultural Value Chain Finance Innovations and Lessons