We Effect in partnership with the Church of Sweden and Oiko are implementing a 5-year project which aims to address capacity weaknesses and potentials of the organizations with an aim of improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers through farmer-based organizations.

We Effect is currently looking for a consultant to undertake a baseline study on Innovative Finance for Improved Livelihoods in Kenya and Uganda. The Assessment aims to:

  1. Determine the extent to which credit facilities are available for FBOs involved in various value chains and existing limitation to the same in Kenya and Uganda
  2. Determine the existing products for financing FBOs, their suitability and levels of uptake by FBOs
  3. Establish the current and specific barriers related to access to financial services by Farmer based organizations
  4. Establish the applicability of existing policies that support financing of FBOs in line with value chain commercialization
  5. Assess civil society groups that are involved and their current roles in engaging and supporting value chain financing
  6. Assess the participation of women in Farmer Based organisations and the barriers which hinder women from fully participating in value chains
  7. Establish the baseline status and scope of all indicators as provided in the result framework
  8. As far as possible find out the existing loan guarantee funds towards Agriculture in Kenya and Uganda

More details about the roles of the consultant, qualifications and deliverables of the assignment are available at: http://afraca.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Terms-of-Reference-Baseline-Survey-Innovative-Finance-for-Improved-Livelihoods-Project-IFIL.pdf