Handmade canoes propelled by paddles or sail power depict the typical equipment features of the artisanal fisherfolk plying the Kenyan coast. Only a few fisherfolk have motorized boats enabling them to take the opportunities offered by offshore fishing. Majority of artisanal fisherfolk are disempowered and unable to access any of the largely untapped offshore pelagic resources. To address this, AFRACA and FAO collaborate to support provision of ‘Technical services in the development of credit programmes to finance private sector innovation in sustainable fisheries in Kenya’. The project is being implemented within the framework of FAOs Multi-Disciplinary Fund (MDF) project on “Financing innovation for sustainable fisheries with the private sector” which is also being implemented concurrently in Thailand by AFRACAs sister-network, APRACA. The project aims to support fishing businesses in Kenya to access formal micro-finance and credit sources, enabling them to innovate through use of fishing technology innovations that have been proven successful elsewhere e.g. hybrid vessel engines, bulbous bows, bycatch reduction devises e.t.c. Access to financial services will enable fishers to invest in more responsible fishing operations and technologies, reduce overfishing, contribute to fisheries management and implement climate change adaptation measures.