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AFRACA Welcomes AFC New Managing Director

AFRACA Secretary General, Mr. Thomas Essel welcomed Mr. George Kubai who was recently appointed as the Managing Director, Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC). The meeting aimed to explore areas of synergies and strengthen the cordial working relationship between the two institutions which spans over two decades. AFC expressed interest to work with AFRACA in the implementation of its new project “Financing Innovation for Sustainable Fisheries with the Private Sector”. The project aims to support fishing businesses in Kenya access formal micro-finance and...

Youth Financial Inclusion Policy Framework

By 2050, the global population is expected to reach 9 billion, half of which will be found on the African continent. Current estimates show that the African population is more than a billion people of whom over 60 per cent are young men and women under the age 35, about 364 million of these are between the ages of 15-35, making Africa the youngest population in the world. Despite their potential most youth face unemployment, underemployment, lack of adequate and sometimes...

Exploring Innovative Financial Services for Rural Women’s Livelihoods

The core of agricultural production is usually in rural areas where there is availability of land for farming. Rural women are highly engaged in agriculture and play critical roles across good systems unfortunately they continue to be disproportionately poor and financially underserved with only few financial service providers responding to their specific needs. How can rural women be supported to increase their incomes and resilience? Increasing women’s returns to labour Women face competing demands on their time and unequal access to resources such...