The African Development Bank (AfDB) under its Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Multi Donor Trust Fund (YEI MDTF) is receiving proposals from eligible grant recipients amounting to 5 million USD aimed at providing business development services to youth led MSMEs and startups on the African continent.


  1. Atleast 51% owned by individuals aged between 15 and 35.
  2. Start-ups at ideation stage with proof of concept and the business model should demonstrate to have social impact, inclusive job creation & economic development.
  3. Lack the capacity/collateral for accessing financing from traditional commercial financial institutions.

ELIGIBILITY (Grant Recipient)

  1. Registered in Africa as a business development services provider, financial intermediary, philanthropic foundation, non-governmental organization (NGO), African government institution, or research or academic institution.
  2. Minimum 3-year track record of providing business development services to youth-led MSMEs and start-ups on the African continent, including through training, coaching and mentoring services that reduce the risk of investing in them.
  3. Minimum previous 3-years of audited organizational financial statements.
  4. Demonstrably strong monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems in place.
  5. Immediate access to large number of youth-led MSMEs and start-ups with at least 50% of these being led by women and at least 30% domiciled in countries of fragility and/or considered economic migration hotspot countries of origin.

Types of Activities

(a) Business training

(b) Mentorship services

(c) Investment and Business Plan Development

(d) Legal Advisory Services

(e) Financial structuring

(f) Product Development.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessments


To apply, please visit: