AFRACA is honored to serve as the inaugural Chair of the Technical Working Party “Transforming Ecosystems for Jobs in Agriculture through Technology and Innovation” loosely being referred to as ‘TWP-TEJATI’ that was extended by the Agritech Kenya County Fair Secretariat. The overarching task of the ‘TWP-TEJATI’ is to evoke the minds of/and innovatively engage stakeholders across 47 counties of Kenya in thinking jobs for Youth, Women and PWDs in agriculture along agriculture value chains through employing a new paradigm shift in strategy.

TWP-TEJATI is hosted at Innovative Academic Placement Solutions (INAPS) and convened by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Kenya. The vehicle for transformation lies within the Agritech Kenya County Fairs within which the TWP-TEJATI’s foundation lies. The Technical Working Party – TEJATI held its introductory meeting on 25ème January 2024 to discuss modalities of hosting the first Agritech county fair. The working group set an ambitious target of ensuring that 470,000 new sustainable jobs are created per year along food and cash crop value chains across Kenya for the period between 2024 – 2025.